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              The application of industrial


              The application of industrial

              The application of industrial
              Description of the program:
              With the increasing global energy crisis, in view of the current development of electric motors, energy conservation is the development goal, and intelligent control is the development trend. The advantage of the intelligent panoramic pan/tilt compared to the manual panoramic pan/tilt is that the operation is simple, the shooting, and the connection are automated. Panoramic aerial photography PTZ motor gearbox is a versatile type of shooting that can be used for aerial photography, landscape photography, photo commemoration, 3D panoramic display and virtual roaming production. The difference between the intelligent electric pan/tilt is that the permanent magnet DC motor is used as the driving mode, and the gearbox of the transmission mechanism of the worm and the helical gear is used to effectively solve the problem of the jitter and noise of the electric pan/tilt. Ordinary gimbal will have gap jitter after 2-3 years of use. We propose the life and stability of the product by solving the problem of limited life and return difference.