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Tips for Building a Good Online Store


Tips for Building a Good Online Store - When someone is shopping online, it is that much harder to pick up and look at the merchandise. This is especially true when shopping for clothing. Since clothing comes in so many sizes and variations, an online shop must be able to provide shoppers with those variations on a piece of clothing. Someone may pick up a red shirt, but then want to see it in blue. When they are shopping in a mall, they simply flip through the rack until they see the blue one, and then they can hold them up together to see the color they prefer.

Online shopping makes it hard to compare the different colors when the listing is for one shirt. Unless the merchant is adding each color as an individual listing, the chances of seeing the variations are limited. That is why merchants who specialize in clothing, accessories or shoes want to be able to present to the shopper one listing with a variation option.

This means that the shopper can land on one page for one red shirt, but they have the option to view all the other colors available on the same page. This allows the customer to stay in one spot, and in some cases, flip back and forth between the photos to see the shirts in different colors. A listing like this will keep the customer focused on making a decision on the shirt and not lose them to shopping elsewhere. A listing like this may even give the shopper the option to order an out-of-stock color if there is the chance that the product may become available at a later date. This also helps to retain your customer to your store.

A variable listing can be used for anything that has a variety of sizes, colors or shapes. This works for shoes, jewelry, fishing lures and hats too. It makes things much easier for the person who is building the online store. When they do not have to replicate the listing for each variation, they save a lot of time.

In addition, the way that the search algorithms are set to continually change, a listing that is complete with one URL stands a better chance of establishing credible backlinks than a shirt that needs several URLs. One listing with variations will not be penalized in search for being a duplicate listing. Shopping cart software like 1ShoppingCart gives the online store owner the option to set up variations, which makes their job that much easier.

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