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Minimalist Room Ideas


Minimalist Room Ideas - if you have the room or its range is limited space does not mean the room should be a room that is not pleasing, livable and boring. With creative ideas, small space can still be used and is designed to be a beautiful, comfortable and enjoyable.

For example, if you have a big TV, try not to use the conventional TV shelf that we use we see in stores or furniture. Using conventional TV rack let alone that will definitely spend large space of your room. Imagine a family room or living room to watch the small size then you put a large TV shelf there? Very crowded and narrow course. using the TV stand that sticks on the wall is the best idea, as we see in a bank or office. Use wall mounted TV stand will surely make your room a more spacious. another idea, use monitor stands that simple design, height-adjustable, and feature included or add-on lower shelving. So you have perfect viewing height in all condition of your furnitures.

The small room requires creative ideas that can make it seem wider. One such idea is the use of decorative patterns, patterns of horizontal straight lines and geometric shapes on the wall will give rhythm to a room. Eye will naturally follow the pattern of lines and geometric shapes that exist, then the illusion is created that the psychological pattern makes the room feel larger size than it really is. Imagine if your room is small, placing a large dining table dining diarea certainly is something less wise thing to do. You should plan to use a dining table that can serve as a desk or can function as a computer desk. When at work, you work on the table, but when it's time to eat you could also use it.

One of the other creative idea is to add a decorative and functional element in the room, such as bed room or den is the use of wall mounted shelf or shelves. Shelves can be made of wood or a combination (aluminum + glass, wood + aluminum, etc). The use of space-saving shelves in place because you do not need to put on a massive display shelves for storing books, picture frames or other ornamental accessories.

Colors have psychological effects to give the illusion and create a sense of space to the room. Creative use of color is actually a decorative idea is old, but the idea is always applicable at all times. Neutral colors or colors seem pale or light color of our eyes away from the view that widespread impression counts. While bright colors as if it approached us so that the room look smaller or narrower. Use neutral colors in a room with its narrow space. Give a little accent color to avoid monotony results.

Colors can not only be used to give broad effect on a room, but the color is also able to provide a sense of comfort when we are in the room. A small room can look cozy, and this requires ideas and challenges. To give a sense of comfort when we are in the room, is not only determined by the color of the walls room. Color of the objects in the room are also affected, such as carpet color, or the color of the sofa cushion.

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