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| Connects All Your Social Networks - As far as keeping any relation is concerned, today nothing best than those tons of social networking sites out there. People belong to every age are going over these social networking channels and today it won’t be an over-statement to say that social networking is very much an integral part of our everyday existence. Social sites like Facebook or Twitter or MySpace not only has millions of active users but these are very powerful and authentic portal of communications.

Beside that, there are a powerful social network is one that connects a lot of people in one place and that is what is known for. With millions of registered users exceeding the 60 million mark, this is the number one place to find people and be found. is the leading Personal Relationship Manager, providing a revolutionary social communications platform connecting 60 million members, and growing. You can get all your social network updates and email messages, all in one place.

This networking site is a "go-to people search site" that helps to get most accurate search results in seconds. Registering with MyLife means all your social networking will get a new lease of life from now on. You can actually have an active life on the site, however, you can also control all your other networks from that location also. This way, it will be easier for you to monitor your social networking site without sacrificing good contact with your private friends. Even if you want to stick with a free account, is still great for quickly checking your social networking feeds on-the-go and it’s really easy to update your status.

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