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Be Careful with Your Reputation in Cyberspace


Be Careful with Your Reputation in Cyberspace - A lot of convenience to be gained by so many users of social networking and the internet. Even so, individual privacy concerns arising tarnished in cyberspace. In the paper on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other social networking sites, data such as political views, office problems, the quality of one's health can easily leak in the community.

Online aggregation of your personal data is a stage of life, just as the existence of Wikileaks today, "said Michael Fertik, CEO of, previously known as ReputationDefender, a company that took advantage of those who want to set the image of a person based on information in the world cyberspace.

This is related to the current user vigilance publish such data is not very high, compared to now. For instance, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange a 'showcase' sexual orientation on a dating site. Something that the public never imagined before.

Furthermore, the first thing you should do to 'clean' image of themselves on the internet is to remove all sensitive data on social networking, Facebook for example.

Despite the apparent 'small', sensitive information such as date of birth, home address, phone number and avocation / hobby can be used to steal your financial accounts keywords. The less information is shared on the internet, the greater one's sense of security.

Hereinafter, if you feel a close friend to publish information about you that is supposed to be secret, you can contact the person to immediately remove. In the United States, there are several companies that buy and sell a person's personal data to other companies. Unfortunately, some analysts believe this way is quite a waste of time. Many sites, especially Google, are within the scope of business that sometimes refuses to delete the user's information, especially the honest tone. If they do not want to delete user data, experts recommend that people are creating more content on her own.

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