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Tours in Moscow


Tours in Moscow - As the world's most expensive city, Moscow did not offer the concept of a modern city. Russian capital would show an old urban classical architecture. Visiting Moscow may already be a desire almost all travelers. If you want a tours in Moscow, but did not know anything about Moscox, you can visit This site offering Tours and things to do in Moscow, the tour guides too.

As the capital of Russia, the city was decorated with the Moscow River is the center of political, economic, religious, financial, educational, and transportation of the country formerly known as the Soviet Union. In this land of many scattered scientists and educational institutions, as much bertebarnya sports facilities.

Almost all the attractions in the city of Moscow to be around Red Square, just by walking, then we have visited almost all the highlights Moscow. Moscow not only charm rests in Red Square. There are many other sites are really beautiful eyes like the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. This is a Western Orthodox Church in the world. The church is not far from the Moscow River, a few blocks west of the Kremlin. The number of tourist sites in Moscow does not mean having to spend lots of money for transportation. Tourists with a mediocre budget need not worry. No need to take a taxi to visit the various tourist sites here. In this city there is the Metro, a subway transportation systems that reach all corners of this city.