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Female Humanoid Robots "HRP-4C"


Female Humanoid Robots "HRP-4C" - Industrial Technology Research Institute, an independent administrative institution (AIST) Research Group Intelligent Systems Division of the humanoid robots humanoid female "HRP-4C" announced that it has developed, and demonstrated a news conference. The AIST is "SAIBANETIKKUHYUMAN" called it.

The shape looks like a woman wearing a metallic suit "HRP-4C" the humanoid robots for research and development platform has been developed mainly AIST "HRP" latest series. Height: 158cm, weight 43kg (including battery). Refer to the average value of Japanese young women, who achieved near-human appearance. Freedom is 42. Breakdown of the 30 body part (3 neck, arm 6 × 2, down 3 feet 6 × 2), face 8, one 2 × 2. Battery is mounted on the back in nickel metal hydride. Assuming continuous operation time is 20 minutes. Work for systemic generation Intel Pentium M 1.6GHz. The head is a voice recognition computer built-in VIA C7 1GHz. Other Current × 1,6 position sensor × 2-axis force sensor is mounted.

Walking behavior and body work is working to help the human body works and walking with measured MOSHONKYAPUCHA, close to the people who created the work. Face is made of silicon, AIST staff of five women and based on the average face, created by Kokoro Co., Ltd.

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