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New and Unique Social Network Site


New and Unique Social Network Site - I would like to tell you about a brand new and unique social network site named Acobay. I'm already join to this site last minutes. This social network site have unique feature for everyone being member. At Acobay, people can share their "stuff" and get connected with each other by the cars they drive, places they visited, movies they love, games they play, and so on. Then they can interact with people of same interest in real meaning and get personalized recommendation.

Acobay is still a beta release. It's updated constantly and you can expect see improvement and new features are applied day to day. I forget to tell u, in this site have some credit named Kudos. I'm don't understand for sure how to use this credit. In addition, you'll receive 1 kudos each time a member replies to your discussion topic or makes a comment on your photo. The more topics, comments, and photos you post.

Acobay concept is original and unique. I believe it will get very popular but now they must desparately need thousands of users to take off.

Some Tips to perform this site for your blog :
- You can even promote your own blog by sharing it!
- You can connect with other bloggers by sharing Blogging (under Anything category).
- The more stuff you share, the more people you connect and the better Acobay works for you!

See you later. I would like to know more about Acobay. :D