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Busby SEO Test


Busby SEO Test - Busby SEO Test" is a good way to test my skill about Search Engine Opotimization. I'm join to to Busby SEO Test on 1 November, 01:45 am using blogger blog hosting with a free domain. How Can i win this contest? who knows.

I'm participating in Busby SEO Test challenge is not only for the prize money, but to exhibit my Noobs skills and try to discover and share new techniques for optimizing a single page. I consider by competing in competition like this, will give me the opportunity to show how much I mastering the search engine techniques.

Winner will be decide by : USA Google Data Center - for the key phrase : in this link.


First Prize : $5000
Second Prize : $2000
Third Prize : $500
Fourth Prize : $250
Fifth Prize : $100
Midway prize - $1000 to the entrant who has the highest Average ranking on Google this can be measured on Monday 5th January 2009 (12:00 midday), Perth, Western Australia.

Busby SEO Test Rules

* Start date is 1st October 2008 (12:00 midday), Perth, Western Australia.
* End date of 31st January 2009 (12:00 midday), Perth, Western Australia.
* You may use the same domain, but do not use old url you have been enter as entrant page at the Busby SEO Challenge contest.
* To use the same domain, create a new directory or a new page and that will be eligable to win.
* Busby SEO Contestant are NOT allowed buying a link, IF they can not pay the bills.
* People how wan to join this contest are NOT allowed play as a team, IF they don't have a team. It means you are allowed to play in this SEO game if you have a team.
* Contestant are not allowed to use the keyphrase on their domain and sub domain. But it's okay if you use it in subfolder.
* To win this Busby Testing, you must be registered and listed in the entrant list and place visible link back to
* To complete the SEO exams you have to place your page as number one in google with this key phrase: Busby SEO Test

But knowing a little about search engine techniques without friend help (backlinks), it almost nothing. So, if you want to support me on this SEO Contest, please link to this single post with the anchor text "Busby SEO Test"

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